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Safety for Data Science

Safety is trusted by leading Healthcare and Health Science firms around the world.

On-premise and air-gapped installations, organizational risk-based policies, and easy deployment enable entities handling the most sensitive data to use open-source software securely and safely.
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Enterprise-ready Software Supply Chain Security

Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection
Safety offers comprehensive vulnerability detection, prevention, and remediation for open-source software supply chains. Designed for enterprise, government and military entities developing software or utilizing third-party applications, we defend against vulnerabilities and malicious dependencies.

Security in Any Environment: On-Prem, Firewalled, or Air-Gapped
Safety's products are built for the most secure environments and our self-hosted and command-line tools are capable of working offline.

Trusted Partner with Dedicated Support
As your trusted partner, Safety provides dedicated account management and round-the-clock support. From implementation and onboarding to training and input on Cybersecurity Intelligence, we offer comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

Scale Securely with Safety's Enterprise Licenses
Safety's enterprise licenses are designed to scale effortlessly to cover thousands of projects and accommodate large development teams. Our tools and workflows seamlessly adapt to your organization's size, ensuring security on a large scale without compromising efficiency.

Audit-Ready Compliance Management
Our solutions undergo regular independent security audits, including SOC2, and we are ready to assist you in meeting your specific audit and compliance requirements. Easily manage and enforce 3rd-party and open-source package licenses using our central Safety Platform management dashboard. Define and enforce license usage across all stages of the software development process effortlessly.

Effortless Implementation and Collaboration with Central Management Dashboard
Implementing Safety across the development lifecycle is a breeze with our easy SSO browser authentication. Our central management dashboard facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between security, DevOps, DevSecOps, and development teams. No need for exporting and importing findings into multiple tools—streamline your vulnerability management process with us.

Unprecedented Protection from Malicious Packages
Our package analysis and package health and trust data provide an extra layer of security against untrustworthy and malicious packages. Safety Gateway, powered by our proprietary vulnerability and package database, offers unparalleled protection for developer machines and environments. With detailed vulnerability data and comprehensive analysis, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities efficiently, reducing vulnerability noise.

Efficiency and Comprehensiveness in Vulnerability Resolution
Our central dashboards eliminate vulnerability noise and let developers and security teams spend less time on vulnerability resolution. Safety’s Vulnerability Database goes beyond CVE data to include Exploitability, Reachability and Package Health metrics that reduce noise, prioritize crucial findings, and provide teams with the tools and guidance required for action.

Safety DB

Eliminate vulnerability fatigue and focus on the findings that matter. Safety's Vulnerability Database offers comprehensive security intelligence and actionable insights for open-source development teams, enabling them to confidently leverage the power of open-source software securely.

Scanning for vulnerabilities is only effective if you know which vulnerabilities to look for. Safety VulnDB is built and maintained by a dedicated Cybersecurity Intelligence team and ML systems trained to find undisclosed and unknown vulnerabilities.

Safety Gateway

Prevent malicious or vulnerable packages from entering your development systems and protect your organization from known threats, typosquatting attacks, and other novel attack vectors. Safety Gateway is a virtual package repository proxy that blocks malicious or vulnerable packages, including on developer machines, before they are installed.

Safety CLI Scanner

Scan developer machines, CI/CD pipelines, and Production systems for dependencies with known vulnerabilities and malicious packages. Safety CLI recommends fixes for vulnerabilities as they are detected, and is backed by our industry-leading vulnerability data.

Safety Platform

A comprehensive threat analysis and management system with central policy management, web-based dashboards, seamless authentication, and on-premise deployment for enterprise customers.

Define and enforce policies specific to your organization. Findings are priroritized based on risk, combining several metrics, including Reachability, Package Health, Exploitability and Severity.

Vulnerability noise is significantly reduced, allowing security teams to focus on the findings that matter most, and empoweing developers to make security-focused decisions with no impact on efficiency.

Safety Projects dashboard.

Built for Enterprise

Our Information Security Management System is SOC2 compliant.
On-Premise or Cloud options available with local caching, and support for unlimited numbers of developers.
SAML-based authentication with your existing identity providers, e.g. Microsoft Azure AD.
Enterprise customers receive implementation and deployment support, priority support, and have direct access to our internal Cybersecurity Intelligence Team.
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We are an Enterprise SaaS platform that provides yield management and ERP-like tools for podcast publishers. Our yield prediction makes heavy use of data-science toolsets.

We transitioned from the free Snyk scanning to Safety because of the recommendation of one of our lead developers. And we have loved it.

We needed to significantly scale up our security readiness and Safety is now a key part of how we scan our libraries for vulnerabilities. But what I most love is the reporting on licensing issues as this is an easy-to-overlook risk to any cloud-based business. And we love how easily we can integrate Safety it into our github workflows.

Sean Howard

The world's leading Python vulnerability data.


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With Severity

Reduce vulnerability noise by 90%.
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